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My newest weight loss tool….

Posted by Allison on August 18, 2008

It’s so freakin’ out I’m sweating out at least 50 pounds of water every day.  I know I shouldn’t complain because in a few short months it’ll be so cold children will stick their tongues to various poles and be stuck there for hours.  But DAMN it’s hot.  It’s thunderstorms every night hot.  It’s wow at 3 in the afternoon I can smell myself hot.  I’m not enjoying it, not one little bit.  Oh maybe it’s because I’m married to the really cool superhero FURNACEMAN.  He can radiate heat across a room by blinking.  Right now he’s across the room from me and I’m pretty sure I can see steam rising from his body.  It’s so hot HE’S too hot for “mommy and daddy’s” special hugs.  Well maybe not but he also isn’t stupid and knows that if he looks at me sideways I may kill him in his sleep.  Well, either kill him in his sleep or lift my arms and make him pass out from what only can be described as Eau de Allison.

This heat is making me do crazy things.  Today for example I went into Chapters book store and bought  Crazy Aunt Purl’s book….then read half of it in 1 hour flat laughing out loud when I took N to therapy (yeah like acting crazy in a office full of physcologist is a way to appear “normal”).  Luckily, my crazy paypal spending had come in the mail by the time I got home and I now have 3 amazing skeins of sock yarn.  Too bad it’s so damn hot, I CAN’T KNIT.   yes you read that right, no you don’t have to check me into the hospital, it’s really that hot.  The funny part was me in the kitchen with the package bargaining with myself….”if you feed the children THEN you can open the yarn”…I fed them.  I didn’t however do the dishes, clean the floor or get them ready for bed.  But I fed them, and there should be points for that at least.

In an effort to have you join in my psychosis here the link to where I got this great yarn it’s called  Thank Ewe! hand dyed yarns.  From left to right there’s  Kiwi  Lemonade,  Tshirt & Jeans and  Hibiscus.  Come on, click it.  You don’t have to buy any….you can just look.

3 Responses to “My newest weight loss tool….”

  1. Erin said

    I’m confused, knitting is your new weight loss?

  2. Allison Sim said

    No Erin, sweating is…apparently we’re going to get a break in this heat tomorrow….I.can’t.wait!

  3. Erin said

    Oh, damn. I thought all the yard shopping was burning calories.

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