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Matronly Matron of Honor…not likely..

Posted by Allison on August 15, 2008

I found a dress! I found a dress! I found a dress!

OOOOO I’m so damn excited I can barely stand it. When October rolls around I will be wearing a stunning dress to my girlfriends wedding. It’s sexy and wonderful and better than I ever hoped. The reason I love Dee is that she said “oh geez cupid, just go buy a dress”. She didn’t care what colour it was, she didn’t care what style it was, she just wanted me to like it and be able to wear it again. The main reason we are friends is because I can only be friends with people who understand that my fat ass will NEVER be walking down an aisle in orange organza with a purple tulle wrap because those are your idea of a good combo for a wedding. i don’t care how much I love you, bad bridesmaid dresses can make me stick a fork in your eye….that being said, I love Dee so if she would have seriously wanted me in something that needed a hoop underneath I probably would have done it. I would have whined and complained and told her she was bridezilla but I would have done it. But luckily for me 34 years of friendship makes you know a person….(yes we met in kindergarten and are still friends, she knows where the bodies are buried and I’ve held her hair over the porcelain alter). So anywho, she has convinced some freak to marry her though judo-like moves and pharmaceuticals and I am the matron of honor (trust me the MONTHS it took me to get over the fact that I can’t be “maid” of honor included in depth therapy). But now I’m happy, in fact I’m happier than a pig in shit because I have found the dress of my dreams! I look stunning. I look slim. I look younger. And yes, I realize that no one will be looking at me on HER day but she’s skinny and gorgeous and wearing a gown that looks like it was designed just for her by some sort of sewing genius and I’m just really glad that while everyone is gasping at her, i’ll at least be able to hang around without feeling like I just got ambushed on What NOT to Wear. This is me sweaty in the heat in the new dress. Hope and pray that my bad summer swimsuit tanlines will fade before October….

Oh yeah, and it was ON SALE….for half off the half off price…..tee hee hee…

4 Responses to “Matronly Matron of Honor…not likely..”

  1. Erin said

    Smokin’ hot !!!!!

  2. Marin said

    Omigosh… boobs!

  3. Allison Sim said

    Yep, boobs and no bra….got to love medical technology!

  4. Shelly said

    Oh, yeah….SMOKIN hot…

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