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Tragedy = Knitting

Posted by Allison on March 13, 2008

So my Mom fell.  My mother is 79 (NOT 80 make SURE not to make the mistake of saying she’s 80).  Last Thursday on her way to music lessons ( I wish I was kidding) she took a tumble downtown and broke her Patella (knee cap) vertically and horizontally.  She a hardy old duck but a spill on the ice could be anyones undoing.  She lives alone in a condo and now is unable to get around.  We thought of putting her up here but our floor plan won’t work…too many steps to the bathroom etc….(no that wasn’t a huge sigh of relief someone must have popped a tire)  So my siblings and Cupid’s TNG (the next generation) have been taking turns staying with her 24 hours a day since last Thursday.  I’ve spent more time at and with my Mom in the last week than in the last year.  We (me & N) even sleep over on the weekends.  N LOVES it and I sleep on a futon and remember upon waking that I am13 short months away from 40 by the large crink in my neck and the lack of ability to bend at the waist.

I must say I am getting a TON of knitting done!  There’s nothing like a big stretch of time and no internet to whiz through those half finished projects that have been lying around.  I think I’ve found the answer to second sock syndrome.  Unlimited time with my mother.  Anyone have a big old sweater with no sleeves they need finishing, I could get you in…..

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