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Knitting, what the f*?

Posted by Allison on February 27, 2008

So I knit.  This isn’t shocking is it?  I knit constantly, I knit everywhere.  I knit because I enjoy it.  Some of you ski, some of you have sex with margarine containers….I don’t judge you.  Why oh why do people think that if you knit it’s some weird, strange thing.  People have been knitting for generations.  Lots of people knit.  Julia Roberts (my secret BFF) knits, Russell Crowe knits, my brother knits…..lots of people.  I don’t knit while I drive…okay sometimes I fondle yarn if I’ve JUST left the LYS but I don’t break out the needles at every red light (read. every).  I still find it alarming that whenever I knit in public…(almost daily) people think I’m performing brain surgery in front of them.  That I’m somehow holding a frontal lobe on the park bench.  It’s two sticks and a piece of string people.  If my eight year old can master knitting and she still can’t comb out the back of her hair without putting an eye out it can’t be that difficult.

I need a “line” to use when people annoy me when I’m knitting in public.

Of course, I’m not talking about curious lookie loos just the annoying ones.   You can talk amongst yourselves, you know who you are….

4 Responses to “Knitting, what the f*?”

  1. Marin said

    It’s not original, but I find, “I knit so I don’t kill people” a very effective little comeback.

  2. yvette said

    Ok. Why do all the men say “Is my sweater done yet?” Seriously, I hear that all the time. Sometimes they substitute the word scarf.

  3. Meaux said

    You gotta get one of those great KIP bags (knitting-in-public). They look like a regular handbag, but they’re designed for knitting projects like socks, hats, scarves — heck, I have one big enough for a tunic top I’m trying to finish. (Not that I get to KIP much anymore, but I still love all the gadgets.)

    Next time say, “It’s either this or I sing.”

  4. dianestranz said

    You are totally hilarious. This reminds me of the looks I used to get when I would breastfeed in public (covered, discretely: nothing was hanging out but my cute kiddo).

    Sometimes I think the most important things in life are precisely the things that other people will have a problem with when you do it in public, which says so much more about the ‘pooh-poohing’ onlooker than it does you (okay, well, yes: sex is one of the most important things in life, and I don’t think you should do THAT in public — so my theory isn’t bulletproof . . . but I think I still have a point!).

    Diane Stranz

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