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And all the elves got drunk on eggnog…

Posted by Allison on December 26, 2007

It’s over. It’s done for another year. There’s nothing left but the bad year in review television. Today we are watching the top 50 videos of the 80’s. I kid you not. Number 5 is Run DMC and Aerosmith ‘Walk this Way’…..

Over Christmas Elijah has decided that there is really no need for braids, he is now sporting a ponytail. Unfortunately that means that when Mom isn’t around to tame the hair into an elastic it looks like this…..


Today we are slugs. I think it was 4:30 before I took off my pajamas. We ate leftovers and now we are seriously marking time until bedtime in 20 minutes. Nad is watching television and Elijah is playing his version of Scrabble. This includes placing the letters all over the board. He did spell one important word with no help from us…..

dscf1749.jpg dscf1747.jpg

I’m going to start knitting something for my mothers 80th birthday this September. I’m going to knit LACE for her birthday. I’m giving myself lots of time so that when I go crazy and throw it into the closet because I can’t knit one more row, I still have time to get back to it. I figure I’ll start it, knit some, throw in some socks and then knit some more. Knit a couple of sweaters…then knit some more….Pray for me.

Oh and for all of you holding your breath the number 1 video of the 80’s is Michael Jackson Thriller. If you haven’t seen it lately you HAVE to rewatch it. Michael was BLACK y’all. And he had a NOSE!!!!! He was also sporting one serious Geri Curl….

“I’m not like other guys” “I mean I’m different” Gee how prophetic….I’m not posting that one, I’m posting my favorite Thriller video of all times…..

2 Responses to “And all the elves got drunk on eggnog…”

  1. Marin said

    in re: Lace Knitting: Do NOT forget your lifelines!

  2. Allison Sim said


    ask the audience?
    phone a friend?
    and 50/50…..I should be fine!

    oh wait you mean the other kind, right…..will do!

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