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Posted by Allison on October 24, 2007

Kevin Kline is 60!!!!! How the hell is that possible. So this morning I’m reading my “dailies” and stumble across this little tidbit. I’m not quite sure how this is possible… his wife is like is like 44 and looks like mid-20’s tops! Damn you Phoebe Cates!!!

Any whoo…..Christmas knitting is coming along, I’m just around the corner from being done the bulk of it….and when I say bulk of it I mean maybe one quarter of what I really want to get done but I’m being optomistic. GLASS HALF FULL! GLASS HALF FULL! GLASS HALF FULL!

Friday is the big game between Saskatchewan and Edmonton. We will be in the stands cheering on the kings of the gridiron. Since Dee won a package to the game there are FREE DRINKS and food. So since I am usually the picture of good judgement I’m sure that’s a combination that will go completely smoothly. *searches madly for an team coloured barf bag* I will be taking my Sask Roughriders coloured yarn to knit up my team socks but the amount knitted will be determined by the amount drank and the amount drank will be determined by the points scored.

Oh and I won another contest. I’m a finalist for the big prize but the part I’ve already won is a jamie oliver frying pan and his newest book. here’s the frying pan, I think I get to pick it up next week or something.

The big prize would be the whole 11 piece set, a trip to Toronto and meeting JAMIE OLIVER!!!! I find out Friday….not that I’m excited or anything. I kind of love him.

Okay I’ve been off the radar for awhile, I have to go catch up with my knitblogs and gossip. On the upside I’ve been playing raquetball and volleyball (not that I’ve lost a pound but I’ve made a sufficient fool of myself to “feel” lighter than ever)

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