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Oh Al, I know how you feel…

Posted by Allison on September 25, 2007

Just when I thought that I was out….

Damn you fall schedule! I’m embarrassed and yet mildly excited to reveal a sad a pathetic part of myself. Reality tv. Not just the high brow stuff like Amazing Race, which I can pass off as lesson in geography for the kids and a study of human nature mrrr mrrr mrr….oh NO. Shall we look at the list of reality tv that I can’t stay away from…..The Biggest Loser, Beauty and the Geek, The Bachelor, Project Runway and on a desperate night with nothing else I’ve been known to watch the Two Coreys. How am I going to fit it all in with the returning and new shows that look so good, House, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, all the Law & Orders, CSI, Criminal Minds and the horribly acted yet completely entertaining Cold Case (it’s the music dammit!). Do you think I can NOT watch anything with Jimmy Smits? How about the new Bionic Woman, Journeyman or Big Shots with Dylan McDermott, Michael Vartan, Christopher Titus, Josh Malina and Paul Blackthorn (yum!). I’m thinking we’re just a few years away from some sort of chip that can be implanted into the brain so I can mainline tv shows like crack. Pathetic you say….Scott even mentioned that we’ll have to get a PVR because we’re signed up for oldtimers recreational volleyball and it’s on a *GASP* Thursday night.

The upside is during fall and winter I get a hell of a lot of knitting done.

Oh and I think I should teach a parenting class….

4 Responses to “Oh Al, I know how you feel…”

  1. Marin said

    Hey, that’s what my parents did with me and look how I turned out! (Elijah can thank me later.)

    TiVo will change your life. You can sit and watch four straight hours of America’s Next Top Model on a low-key Saturday afternoon and knit and knit and knit…

  2. Anna-Liza said

    I would get a lot more knitting done if I had cable, but my pathetic attempts to clean my house would cease entirely. And my kids would become feral. I know my weaknesses!

  3. Rox said


  4. NOT Mrssissippie said

    Loved this pick of E. There were times when M was little that I wanted to put myslef in one of those and let him run wild. Hey, on another note: Is it bad that I sat here in my office at work and read your blog for two and a half hours and didn’t get ANY work done what so ever? Or is it only BAD if someone was on to me? LOL Was an enjoyable way to spend the time (uh hum AND get paid doing it LOL)

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