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oh me oh my…

Posted by Allison on September 19, 2007

Canada Post has a parcel for me. I don’t remember ordering anything, which of course doesn’t mean I didn’t. But the only thing I’m waiting for really is stitch markers so they wouldn’t be in a package.  I JUST order some stuff online today but they don’t ship to Canada so I shipped it to a friend in the States. It can’t be from my secret pal cause i just got something from her. oooo the antici……………………………………….pation is KILLING me. I have to run to the post office after 1 pm tomorrow. I hate waiting. I wonder what it is. I wonder who it’s from. I wonder. GAK!

2 Responses to “oh me oh my…”

  1. Marin said

    I just keep thinking how I could put you out of your misery…

  2. Allison Sim said

    misery gone!!!!!

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