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My house is clean!

Posted by Allison on September 15, 2007

I know, not a big deal right?  My mother’s birthday was yesterday and I had 20 people over for supper.  The all left after 10 pm and by 8 this morning I had the house back in shape….including the laundry.

It was a FANTASTIC night and I’m glad we did a party for her because she really enjoyed it.  Here’s the whole gang after supper.  I think we could easily have fit another 10 people….


The old bird is 79 years old and dammit if she doesn’t look closer to 60.  My mother takes it upon herself to give these little “talks” to the kids as they hit adulthood.  She wants to be sure they know how to be safe.  Bless their little hearts they listen as the crazy lady tells them about sex and the dangers of not protecting themselves.  They grin and say “yes granny” and she goes on and on and on.  One one such occasion she was delighted to find out that one of the many “extra” grandkids (someone related by crazy but not by blood or marriage) didn’t have a prophylactic with him she then proceeded to tell him how important it was blah blah blah.  Fast forward to last night, the single most hilarious part of the night when she opened a card from this ‘extra’ grand kid and inside was a Trojan condom.  She just about DIED.   I was immediately struck by how quickly she recognised what it was….

Here’s my boys and my mother..


And here are some of the grandchildren with their ‘crazy’ grandmother…..79 sheesh…..


3 Responses to “My house is clean!”

  1. Maureen said

    Aww…your mother is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Allison Sim said

    yes, beautiful….insane and a little “touched” but beautiful…..

  3. Carol said

    The AnitM sent me! Your mom’s 79? Wish I lived closer to her!!! I know 40 year olds that look (an act) older! Bless her beautiful heart 🙂

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