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You wish you were me.

Posted by Allison on September 8, 2007

Finally! After years of teasing and ribbing I have my revenge! My favorite local radio station has a contest called “I listen to Joe”. How it works is that if they call your house and you anwer with “I listen to Joe” you win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! If you have it on your answering machine, same thing.  Everytime certain people call me they make fun of me. I refuse to take it off. I’m stubborn that way. Well a week ago, they called my house. I wasn’t home but they left me the sweetest message. I won ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I did have a pathetic (apparently) moment when I pictured myself rolling in a bed of cashmere but I came to my senses…not before telling the radio station that I planned on using all the money to buy wool…and not before going to my LYS and imagining how much I could fit in the van.

So what do two people with a new house and a ton of sensible things that need buying do?




I know…we suck.  But come ON….it’s football season!

3 Responses to “You wish you were me.”

  1. Anonymous said

    I agree whole heartedly. If I won a thousand dollars I would go out and buy a tv like that too. I would consider spinning wheels as well but I think the TV would win out in the end.
    Your Secret Pal

  2. ccupid said

    Hope your buying 649 and super7 tickets.

  3. Allison Sim said

    i NEVER win anything more than 10 or 20 bucks on the big lottos…..but my contests….love em!

    btw Craig, how jealous are you…tee hee hee….oh yeah and your roti’s comin’ next week.

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