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Small things

Posted by Allison on September 3, 2007

amuse small minds. Or so they say. All summer I have been talking about cleaning out the pantry. I started dumping things in there the day we moved in and repeated over and over how I would organize it at some point. Everyone giggled and laughed at my ridiculousness. Everyone thought to themselves, ‘you will never see those pantry shelves again’. And yes, I realize that by ‘everyone’ I mean Scott.

So although I have knitting p0rn shots to share, you’ll have to wait because here ladies and gentlemen (yes more than one guy reads my blog) is the inside of my pantry. Clean and organized.



I have always wanted to have those glass container thingies to fill with beans and popcorn and other stuff that comes in bags and then spills all over the floor. This is CLEARLY the best part.

Sock p0rn to follow after I finish the toe on N’s back to school socks……by tomorrow morning…not that I’m rushing or anything.

Oh and Elijah woke me up this morning before 8:00 so as punishment I’m going to share an embarrassing moment.  Note the reading material…..just in case it’s a long visit.


3 Responses to “Small things”

  1. Marin said

    Oh, save that one for Elijah’s prom date.

  2. ~kma~ said

    I love his little ‘strain face’ ~ omg he’s cute!
    Brilliant pantry darling. I want one…

  3. Allison Sim said

    yes, he’s a treasure….but the prom date gets the one with all his business showing…so she’s not caught off guard and unable to supress the giggles…

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