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I should write a book!

Posted by Allison on August 31, 2007

Every so often I say to myself, I should write a book.  Usually I’m in the car, I drive along thinking of witty and wonderful ways to start off the book, .  I write the entire first chapter in my head and start thinking of who I will dedicate my book.  I get encouragement through varies means when i say something profound or funny and some person in my life will say ‘you should write a book’.  In my mind I become a famous author on the level of Maya Angelou (without the wise) or Toni Morrison (cause when i’m old I’m going to look like her dreds and all). I dream of the advance money as several publishers recognize my potential and line up to be raking in the dough.  And then without fail I think, heck I’m just going to do it.  I sit down with either pen and paper or in front of MSWord and stare at the blankness.  It is at that moment that I realize. Unless I vomit up finished pages of manuscript in my sleep,  I will never write a book.   But nonetheless as I drive in my car later today I will rewrite the first chapter of my book…..again.

One Response to “I should write a book!”

  1. NOT Mrssissippi said

    Woman, you done already writing a book here on this blog. You just need a good editor.

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