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Back to school…teachers drool….

Posted by Allison on August 15, 2007

Apparently I’m 12.

Just 2 more weeks until Scottie goes back to work and just 3 more weeks until the kids are back to school.  I am very excited for Eli to go to preschool.  His program is 5 days a week in the mornings….there is a teacher, an aide and a speech therapist in every room.  Hopefully the little bugger will be able to bring his vocabulary up enough to go to full day kindergarten next year…if not he’ll do kindergarten at the same special speech program..which is fine, just far…..I’m desperately looking forward to a routine….in order to get myself back into a schedule I am ramping up the open houses that I’m doing..this weekend I’m doing 2 and I plan to continue to do 2 a week for the next few months….brings in the business…

ooooo I am knitting Nadia socks!  I found that the “More Sensational Socks” has patterns that work on measurements.  Still can’t figure out the gauge thing but I’ve managed to cast on a pair of socks that fit her perfectly…..I’m a genius…will post pics when she gets home from bike riding….

4 Responses to “Back to school…teachers drool….”

  1. Marin said

    Welcome to 12! My name is Marin and I’ll be your tour guide. I’ll be assisted today by Glinda and Lyda…

    Oh, good. Sock software? Not so useful without gauge. And, Ally, if I can do gauge, you can do gauge. I can’t even count to four, remember? Or is your age catching up to you…?

  2. Rox said

    I think I like Marin based on her comments alone. She seems to recognize that your gauge problem is age related. Have you pulled out that line of “I’m in my late thirties” yet? Or does she know you’re a 53 year old housewife? 🙂

  3. Allison Sim said

    It pains me that you would go to the trouble of learning how to post, just to taunt me on my blog. You clearly have no life. Need I remind you that your 40th birthday is literally JUST AROUND THE CORNER, while mine is over a year and a half away?

  4. Marin said

    Marin… stirs the pot… leaves Ally and Rox in an age-related showdown… nobody realises Marin is the oldest of all… *giggle*

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