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Socks knitting for dummies.

Posted by Allison on August 6, 2007

Why oh why can’t I find patterns for young girls.  I mean really, I want to make knee socks for N and some fun winter socks…I have the yarn…no patterns.  YES I realize I could do math, YES I realize that I could just ‘wing it’….I WANT PATTERNS!  With no thinking involved.   Every pattern I find is for babies or toddlers or women and men.  I am begging you, FIND ME A PATTERN!  That is all.

6 Responses to “Socks knitting for dummies.”

  1. Marin said

    I can run kid sizes through my sock software. If you want cool lace or cables or ribbing, you’ll have to add those in yourself, but the software tells you what stitch patterns will fit (i.e. — this pattern will support 2, 4, 8 or 16-stitch patterns).

    I can mail them to you with your final SP package, since it just showed back up on my doorstep yesterday. Oh, yeah… funny story: your package was the victim of whatever weird warp stands between me and Canadian postal service. There’s a sticker on it that says, “No such address,” but I checked and it’s the exact address you emailed me when you moved. The exact address I sent your other packages to.

    *sigh* I’ll try again. Do you want sock patterns with that?

  2. Allison Sim said

    Oh no! Too funny, I mean not funny ha ha, but funny peculiar. I am in a very new area of the city and the postal code doesn’t always show up but it’s here, it exists…..i’m not in some weird space time continuum. (I was watching Star Trek TNG this weekend)

    Yes I do. I would also like to know the name of the sock pattern maker….cause that sound cool.

    Sadly I’m making a hat with left over wool because I can’t find sock patterns….pathetic eh?

  3. Marin said

    The sock software is Sock Wizard. You can download a demo at

    OK, so let me know sizes, gauge, knitting needle size (optional), toe-up or cuff-down, two circs or four or five DPNs… yeah, I think that’s it… and I’ll run you up whatever patterns you need.

    And when I send your package back, I’m going to write, “Yes it IS too!” right next to your postal code.

  4. Allison Sim said

    I don’t know how to tell you gauge…stop laughing….I like doing cuff down (but only because I’ve never done toe up, I suppose I should try) and I now (thanks to you) knit socks on 2 circs. Nadia wears a childrens size 3 shoe. do you need her measurements? I don’t care what type of heel or toe. I have my knit picks in size 3 circs (that you sent me).

    I suppose I could buy the software….nah….I have will power….

  5. Maureen said

    Check this out:

    Also, there’s a GREAT book out there called Not Just Socks for kids by Sandi Rosner that has socks, leg warmers, vests, ponchos (tho’ the one you made is VERY cute…). I was just looking thru it for you…

    But check out the site.

    Very weird re Marin and SP. Whoa. Marin…WHO DO YOU KNOW?!?!?

  6. Marin said

    Oh, hi Maureen! I apparently DON’T know anybody at the Canadian Postal Service.

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