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12 Days and Counting…

Posted by Allison on July 16, 2007

Well the big reunion is right around the corner. Just a little over a week before I’m plunged back into the era of big mall hair and fancy ass jeans. I should mention that I am not nearly as freaked out about the whole thing as I am looking forward to it. But it has definitely put in me a mood of reflection like nothing has in a long time. Since I’m still best friends with my friend through school (yep we met in kindergarten 33 years ago and are STILL FRIENDS) her name is Dee and she has NO presence on the web whatsoever and will never ever read this blog so I can say nice things about her and she’ll never know….in real life I’m trying to convince her that her crows feet will distract people from noticing my fat ass. You know….true BFF….she is also the person that will be immediately dispatched in the case of my untimely death to destroy any um…items of a sexual nature that may currently reside in my home before my family has to attend to that sort of thing, as we were discussing over at AntiM’s blog. Well we didn’t START talking about it, but we did end up there….Back to the reunion. I can’t decide what to wear…what makes me look younger, thinner and like I didn’t try at all and portrays the person I am today not the person I was back then….you know and goes with a kick ass pair of shoes…with a peekaboo toe to show off my kick ass pedi……not that I’m trying hard.

ANYHOOOOO I’m currently making a ‘back to school’ poncho for “N” *sidebar* I really really cannot wait to post a picture of “N” wearing one of my homemade garments, many of you have asked but I’m just not allowed to…trust me when I say she is adorable and always has a big smile when she wears something she has seen me make. I’m making the poncho to match an outfit that I’m hoping to sew for her over the summer as well….

OH and I’m LINKED on a another blogl…I had no idea…but she seems cool and I like her even though she doesn’t post enough, she posted the best beer margarita recipe so clearly any girl who can mix some decent alcohol is definitely cool in my book. She’s funny, go take a read.

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