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More pictures…

Posted by Allison on June 28, 2007

Ask me how frickin’ happy I am right now….is this not the perfect bike!?!?!?!


I go to Sport Chek and not only do they have the EXACT bike I’ve been picturing in my mind but it’s ON SALE! And to top it off you get 20 bucks in free bike accessories. I got a bell and some other stuff…all I’m missing is a basket, you know I’m getting a basket, right..


Oh and Scott put the barbecue together…. note the SIZE of the damn thing and you can see by the LAWN CHAIR that this thing is amazingly big.


And to make me a complete barbecue snot, here’s an upclose look at the granite cutting boards…..I slay me.


3 Responses to “More pictures…”

  1. ~kma~ said

    How frickin’ happy are you Allie??

  2. Emma said

    It’s here!! It’s here!!!! Thank you so much for this package and for everything over the course of this whole SP adventure… it’s been lots of fun! We had a small accident in that one of the bean containers burst in transit, so I’ll be photographing and blogging a little later once I collect them all. They smell delicious and I can’t wait to try the various teas. Thank you again! You rock.


    PS – That’s a sweet ride you have there. I have a serious case of bike envy.

  3. Knitwhit said

    Nice ride, Ally. Seems to me PeeWee Herman has one in red.


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