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Posted by Allison on June 12, 2007

Okay, I’m coming to grips with this now.  Twenty years ago this month I graduated from high school.  I know, I know….I don’t look a day over 25 but as we all know since my son is 15 that’s just not possible.  So anyway I’ve started on Facebook and now there are several people from the old gang who are contacting me.  In fact we are all planning a big meet back in the old stomping grounds.  I’ll try not to get drunk on Pilsner beer and throw up in the bathroom of “the Pat” circa 1987.  But here’s the rub…..I cannot believe I graduated TWENTY years ago?!??!?!  Who ARE these people?  What have they been doing for 20 years?  I assume they haven’t lived in a bubble and remain the same as they have in my brain….I know some have married, some have divorced (I’ve done both), some have kids, some have grown as people (hopefully the ones that sang Ebony & Ivory in my grade 7 class and made me cry) and some haven’t, some have died (like sweet Kurt who died just recently and I still get sad just thinking about it), some have gotten bald and fat (at least I hope so)… But the one thing that I want to know and the one thing that’ll get my ass in the car for 5 hours is this… many of the boys (and there were many) that broke my heart are broken and miserable because they missed the hotness that is Allison.

Okay, now seriously, today is Elijah’s 4th birthday.  In 2003 on this day I gave birth to this little bugger.  You can read his home birth story and then comment on how amazing and strong I was, cause dammit giving birth on the livingroom floor with your loving husband (picture deer in the headlights), a yappy dog and a couple of midwives deserves some sort of praise.  Happy Birthday La la, Mommy loves you, even though your a brat with too much energy who spends too much time ignoring me so you can play with your daddy, I still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be your mom.


2 Responses to “WMCI”

  1. erin said

    Homebirthin’ mama’s need a pedestal, cuz DAMN, you’re good !

    Happy Birfday Elijah !! Are you sure he is only 4? I coulda sworn he was older.

  2. Knitwhit said

    I’m tired. What’s “WMCI”?

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