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I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…

Posted by Allison on June 7, 2007

At one point I was thinking I should have a cute catchy phase that I use in the blog titles but I lke the randomness of sitting at the computer saying “What the hell” over and over until something pops into my head. 

 So the basement build out is nearing an end. Yesterday I spent several (read SEVEN) hours priming the drywall.   Has anyone out there  done this?!?!?!?!?  What a fucking nightmare!  Apparently (according to my drywall guy) new drywall sucks up paint like I suck up alcohol and the first coat is instantly absorbed creating a need for TWO coats.  While I was doing this and missing valuable knitting time I might add, I kept thinking what good shape I’m in to be able to do all this manual labor.  I had the tunes cranked and the windows open (much to the chagrin of the neighbours I’m sure)  I was singing along to some vintage Whitney Houston and Gladys Knight.  At one point I was playing Big Willie Style and Mary J Blige……I finished all of the first coat and about half of the second coat.  Dear Scott finished up the rest and wham…bob’s your uncle.  The drywaller came by today to texture the ceiling and it turns out we need to do a little more, just some touch ups and he’ll come back tomorrow to texture.  Then we paint on the weekend, get the carpet next week and the finisher can put up the doors, the window casings and wah-la (that looks weird)……Emmett’s room and my office shall be complete!  I went to bed feeling satisfied at a job well done and just a little concerned that my shoulders seemed to be ‘tensing’ up a bit.

This morning I do believe a tear escaped my eyes as I rolled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom.  I actually audibly said ‘ow’ when trying to sit down and pee. I would have semi-stood if my thighs would have stopped shaking. I can’t move my arms. I think, although, i’m not sure but I think even my little toe is sore.  I can’t feel my legs.  OH the humanity!  This is why every time I’ve had the desire to paint I’ve been pregnant (shocking I know) and made Scott and his Dad do it.

So I went for a pedicure and got hot pink toes with a flower design.  A girl has to take care of herself…and really what else could I do?

4 Responses to “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…”

  1. Nice… I like the hot ping toes with a flower design. My girlfriend actually just pointed this out to me and commented how much she liked.

  2. Red said

    Yeah, I lived in the condo while I painted for 2 weeks and towards the end I DEMANDED the sister finish and the brushes then be burned.

  3. Knitwhit said

    I’m lovin’ the tan lines.

  4. allison said

    Yes and now the tan lines will get even more….I have sexy feet, and I’m wearin’ sexy shoes!

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