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Labour a bitch…

Posted by Allison on June 2, 2007

I have a new baby! The pregnancy was easier than the others!  He’s staying with friends until July 15th but I get spent a little time getting to know my newest bundle of joy.  His name is Frankie and he’s a mixed breed the rest of the kids in the house so he fits right in.


Now as soon as the final grade is done we can get the fencing started and Frankie’s outside space so when he comes home he has a nice place of his own.

Frankie is a rescue dog from the wonderful people at S.C.A.R.S or the Second Chance Animal Rescue. A no kill dog rescue society here in Alberta. They do great work and we are so proud that they thought we would be a good family for one of their most precious dogs EVER!  Actually he’s Elijah’s dog, we just get to take care of him.  They both decided that when they met each other.  Frankie has an amazing personality and we think that one of his gifts might be to be a therapy dog.  So i’m looking into it at Pets in the Park next week…that way I could volunteer at the City Center Schools and take him with me……cool eh?

4 Responses to “Labour a bitch…”

  1. erin said

    oooh you got him !!! I am so happy for you!!!!

  2. Marin said

    wookat da puppy! Oh, that face… those ears!

  3. Kelly said

    ooooh, he is to tooo cute! Love that widdle face… snorgle snorgle.

  4. Allison Sim said

    Thanks, I think he looks like scott more than me, you know, around the eyes.

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