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Note to self….

Posted by Allison on May 24, 2007

Oy Vey….when you post a comment to the Yarn Harlot and you happen to be first, perhaps you should check your latest post because your traffic is going to go way up.  All I can picture is knitters the world over spewing coffee at their screen’s or accidently dropping stitches when they ‘zip over’ to see who wrote the comment……and seeing “Penis Envy” as the welcome sign to my blog.  When people come over from other blogs, they expect a little crazy, cause come on, let’s get real if someone has me as a link on their page it’s usually quite likely that they are a little deranged in the first place, so they know what they are getting into.  I imagine that there are some pretty normal people reading the Harlot blog and I may have corrupted them just a little.  My MIL reads my blog but she already knows I’m crazy cause her son has gone really grey and lost quite a bit of hair in 5 years.  Like WAY more than what is considered normal….and the twitch he’s developed can’t be completely explained with coffee consumption, I’m just sayin’.

Now back to me.  I am trying to find the worlds best dishes.   Why is it when you decide to buy something and you think what you want is fairly simple…it ceases to exist?  I want to donate all my mix matched dishes to the garage sale at the school so in order to do that I thought it was the perfect time to get a new set of dishes.  I’m not being picky either, I just want white or robin’s egg blue dishes with no pattern.  I want the bowl to be a real bowl that holds ice cream and cereal and not a “low bowl” that holds crap.  I’ve been to every store in the city (and dammit this is a big city) and I have found NOTHING.  Today is the last day I’m searching because the garage sale is tomorrow.  So I should stumble across the perfect set on Sunday….Oh and I suppose in the interest of honesty I have found the set I want at Crate & Barrel but since shipping to Canada is apparently like shipping to Siberia….it’s not going happen.

3 Responses to “Note to self….”

  1. Marin said

    1) The Yarn Harlot makes us all a little more popular, doesn’t she?

    2) Deranged? Moi?

    3) I love my Fiestaware — white, heavy, freezer/oven/dishwasher safe, good bowls, lots of room for expansion (the cream/sugar set and the covered serving bowl are particular favourites with me). Just sayin’.

  2. Kelly said

    Totally with ya in the bowl department. Why do they even MAKE those dumb ass bowls that don’t hold crap? I think I want to get some of them square plates. Not in white though, cause they look like they’re from a sushi restaurant then. Maybe a light green. Hmmmm… I need to go shopping.

  3. Allison Sim said

    I am now considering that I may have slipped and fallin’ on a horse shoe cause at the last minute scott mentioned ‘have you tried Canadian tire’ and low and behold there were the dishes I wanted…..with a normal bowl! I rule!

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