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Penis envy

Posted by Allison on May 22, 2007

This is just sad. I have the knitters equivalent to a small penis. My stash is sadly very very small. How did I not know this! I guess because my stash was never in one place before I thought it was adequate in size but then we moved. I put some here and some there and never really put it all together. Then last week I went shopping for some bins to hold my stash at Ikea. I bought 4 midsize clear bins because a. I was with someone and didn’t want to admit I may need more and b. I wasn’t a 100% sure that I would like the bins and didn’t want to have to bring 10 of them back. No biggie, Ikea is very close to me, I can go back, right? So I started to divide up my stash, sock yarn in one bin, wool and cotton in another, WIP in a third and acrylic for the girl to knit with in the fourth. I scoured the house looking for all my bits and bites of yarn. I knew I wouldn’t get the pics done in time for Flash your Stash but I would finally be organized! What didn’t fit in these four measly bins would be in bags and I would dutifully go to Ikea this week and get as many more bins as I needed….unless….what the HELL?!?!?!??! I didn’t even have enough to fill these 4 paultry bins! I have sadly misjudged my stash. I do not have enough yarn. Sleeping wasn’t an option, I have NO YARN. Eating felt hollow and the children no longer bring me joy. I NEED MORE YARN. The only thing that brought me any solace was the gift certificate that I’ve saved as a reward for when I got my stash together. Thank god I can go get more yarn….. I’m clearly suffering here. hold me.


10 Responses to “Penis envy”

  1. erin said

    I can’t find circs small enough to start my socks soar on circs… I am beyond depressed.

  2. Marin said

    1) Ally, I’m pretty sure your stash is almost as big as mine. If that makes you feel better. Please don’t ask again after the results of my internet buying binge have arrived, but for now… perfectly respectable stash.

    2) Erin, if you’re looking for short needles, don’t worry about the length. Because you’re not actually doing circular stuff (you’re kinda knitting to flat bits at the same time), they don’t have to be short. They don’t even have to be the same length. As long as the actual needle size works with your yarn, you’re fine.

    I’m currently knitting socks on a 16″ Denise needle (plastic tip, big ol’ cord) and a 24″ Addi Turbo (you know… metal, skinny little cord). Works just fine.

    Of course, if you’re looking for size 000 circular needles, all I can do is wish you luck and enough wine to get through it.

  3. erin said

    Marin, Patternworks has them for like 15.00 a piece, knitpicks has them for much cheaper but they are nickel, and I have a thing about knitting outside with metal needles in Michigan weather, just a bag combo… LOL

    I will check out the LYS today or tomorrow…

  4. Allison Sim said

    See how my simple blog is bringing the world together, one knitter at a time?
    Erin I have the knitpick circs and I LOVE them, they came from my Secret Pal and I’m going to end up with all of them in all sizes I’m sure…Oh and I do love my Addi’s too…very fast.
    Marin, it’s too late, I’ve started shopping, there will be NO stopping me, for god’s sake one of the bins was pure acrylics that I’m saving for the girl! I shouldn’t even count that one!

  5. Robin said

    Your post cracked me up…

  6. Knitwhit said

    Alli, I want to help. I have to figure out a way to get an online shop going before you spend all your Gift Certificate dough!!! What can I help you with? What do you like? What do you need??? Let me HELP!!!! LOL

    Erin, where in Michigan are you? Im in Gaylord.

    Marin, I’m doing socks on circs, too, and I think two different needles is a GREAT idea. Helps you not pick up the wrong end of the wrong needle and end up with — well, you know.

    Alli, I mean it. I’ll ship you something.; Waddya want?

  7. Knitwhit said

    And why does my last post say 3:48 when it’s 5:48 and almost closing time?!?!?

  8. Allison Sim said

    Yeah, I can’t figure out the ‘clock’ thing with the UTC clock so the time on the site is always wrong….and I’m making a trip to the States in August but unfortunately I’ll be on the west coast…I’m REALLY hoping my friend Erin can come then I can convince her to come by your shop and bring me some of that fancy sock yarn you’ve been talking about on the website….cause she’s only like 3 hours or so away from you

  9. Allison Sim said

    oh for christ sake, it says the right time now! it is 8:00 HERE….so I guess it’ll tell you time you post at MY HOUSE….

    Oh and tell me when you get that online store going, I wanna be one of your first customers!

  10. Carmen said

    Yeah, baby! Mama got a big ole penis! Er, stash! My stash is so big I can’t even get my hands around all of it. It’s so big I’ll never be able to knit it all in the next 5 years. And, my penis is on exhibit over on Flickr! That’s not even all of it, though. Couldn’t fit it all on Flickr. LOL!

    Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Cashwool

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