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A meme! A meme!

Posted by Allison on May 21, 2007

 I have no idea what a fucking meme is but since this is what it was called on another blog I’m going to pretend I know that the hell it is and play along

AnitM tagged me and so here are my 8 Random Things meme.

1.Every member of my paternal family has a freaky little toe.  It’s all curled over and has a weird nail.  From my Grandfather on down, we all have it….your children not having it means your spouse cheated on you…there is no other explaination.

2. My maiden name is Cupid and yes, I hate the song “Stupid Cupid” or Cupid by Sam Cooke.  I also hate the Rudolf the Red-nose reindeer song and any other song you can think of that people butcher upon hearing my maiden name. 

3. My grade 5 teacher was a flaming queen who made me a life long lover of musical theatre.

4. I learnt to drive a standard with a girl named Leslie while we smoked dope at Deifenbaker hill in Saskatoon.

5. I once stalked JFK jr. in New York with my girlfriend. We sat outside his brownstone until he rode up on his bike.

6. I told Michael Moriaty that he was “god-like” in Central Park. (I had been out in the sun for too long doing number 5.)

7. When a girl I knew growing up made fun of my “big black people nose” I bet her that I could stick more pussy willows up my nose than she could, she took the bet and went first, ending up in the emergency room to have them dislodge from her stupid blonde head.  I was 7.

8. I made my family change my name at age 3, they had gotten it wrong. Silly people fought me for MONTHS before finally giving in and changing my name.

One Response to “A meme! A meme!”

  1. erin said

    So what was your name from age 0 to age 3?

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