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Aunty M Aunty M…

Posted by Allison on May 17, 2007

Okay a little flash back there…. I’m actually inspired some days. Today is a Judy Garland day, okay not really. My REAL inspiration for the post comes from my bestest blogging friend Marin of AntiM and the Rickety Blog (hence the Wizard of Oz reference) The other day during one of her blog posts she listed some search terms people use to find their way to her blog! So I thought “wow, someone has too much time on her hands” and went about my very busy life. I have WAY too much of an interesting life to resort to this sort of tomfoolery. Did you not see the blog from Tuesday? There was knitting mentioned, there was penises (peni?) mentioned. I’m CLEARLY much more ‘with it’ that the lovely  albeit completely boring Marin (shut up it’s MY fantasy life)…..and then I started wondering ‘what do people search for when they end up here’ and here people is where the whole things comes off the rails.  Here’s what’s come up lately……

jlo’s natural hair morning (I assume I wrote about my love of natural hair, how the hell JLO got into it, I have no idea)
hip mom (natch)
allison sim, blog (I have a stalker! I have a stalker! I’ve decided that said stalker is Lenny Kravitz….he wants me, I know it, he knows it.  Hi Lenny!)
naked hip pack (I can’t imagine why those things go together)
gauge simple knitted bodice (oh lord, if they knew how off my gauge was on my SKB they would run away from my blog screaming like a little girl)
cooking mama nintendo ds front cover (what?)
pandora charms edmonton (I do love me some pandora charms)
“patrick swayze” edmonton christmas (nobody puts baby in the corner!)

I also found out that she has a lot of readers. I do not. I have several. I think people come by to giggle at me, similar to the surpressed giggles I tend to get at car accidents and funerals (don’t ask). But she’s still my imaginary best blog buddy and someday I’m going to go and meet her and drink beer and explain to her the secret to making friends as an adult. I know the secret, I’m just keeping it from her so she’ll still hang out here.

One Response to “Aunty M Aunty M…”

  1. Marin said

    Damnit, Ally! If I promise to keep hanging out will you pass the secret decoder ring my way? Or maybe Lenny Kravitz when you’re done with him?

    cooking mama nintendo ds front cover… how many of those words have actually appeared on your blog?

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