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Is that a pen in your pocket?

Posted by Allison on May 15, 2007

There are times when I think I’m very special (not in a big yellow bus kind of way) and then there are times like today when I believe that in order to successful navigate through my life God (0r the Goddess whatever) thinks that playing with my life would be fun.

Today was the later. I had a bad day yesterday. Not the whole day but parts of it, I was feeling very sorry for myself. Very Eeyore-ish. So as I slugged through the day, I wasn’t very nice to people, I fantasized about drinking large amounts of alcohol by 10 in the morning and then it was time for N’s swimming lessons. I packed up my bag of knitting and off we went. She was being particular adorable…all scared of her very first swimming lesson. So instead of being a huge bitch (which admittedly I had been ALL day) I walked her to the edge of the pool and showed her where to wait for her instructor. I then turned to go find the observation seats so I could sit and knit for the 1/2 hour that the class was in. I was grumpy, I was tired, I was thinking of other things….and I walked right into the men’s change room.

Now in most swimming pools as you know the last thing you do before you go in the pool is take a shower. So the Ymca in their infinite wisdom has their showers RIGHT when you walk in the from the pool. Now I’m sure the man who was having a shower was just as shocked as I was and I’m sure that in his version of the story I was a stunning blonde a la the penthouse forum but in reality I just gasped like I’d never seen a penis before and he didn’t even have the chance to cover his ‘johnson’.

Later my girlfriend asked me if I saw him leaving and to be honest he could have come up to me right after and I wouldn’t have known him from Adam…but I think he may have been a burnette.

3 Responses to “Is that a pen in your pocket?”

  1. erin said

    ROFL !!!

    I did this once, although it was just into the mens room at a bar, and I damn near died of embarrassment. Your story is much better than mine.

  2. Allison Sim said

    All I know Erin, is that the water must not have been very cold….and I’m damn grateful that I don’t turn red, cause I would have been PURPLE.

  3. Carmen said

    I love pee pee stories! 😛

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