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My boobs are old.

Posted by Allison on April 23, 2007

No real reason for the title, just trying to pull in the pervert viewer.  And since no one will comment on my tirade against racism ( I know I scared you all you can come back now I’ll be good). I thought I’d better have something catchy so I can get back into peoples good graces.  It was either my boobs are old or something highly inapporpriate about my “inner goddess” and boobs is just funnier to type.

 I am now on the second sock on circular needles.  I LOVE it!  So much more portable, and how quick! I have no batteries….for the CAMERA and no pics of the socks so instead I’ll leave you with my cross dressing three year old. (The best part is the ninja turtle in one hand and the perfect summer hat on his head! )


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