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It’s MY blog dammit…

Posted by Allison on April 20, 2007

Last night I spent some glorious hours being serenaded by Il Divo….I know I know, I’m so hip and “street” it’s hard to imagine me gasping at the stage at an Armani clad opera/pop boy band.  But I did.  And I loved every second of it.  The warm up guy was William Joseph and damn that boy can play the piano….it was a nice night.  And I even got some rows done in between the acts.  My new and exciting socks on circs is coming along swimmingly if I do say so myself.  And damn, it’s REALLYfast.  I’m quite surprised actually I only had to rip it out once before I figured it out.


Don’t read below if you want light and entertaining….come back tomorrow for more knitting schtick.

So today I was watching some more on the virginia tech horror and I thought of one of my favorite people. Margaret Cho. I have loved this woman and her take on the world for a ridiculously long time. So I went over to her blog more to see if she had any new pearls of wisdom. She had put up a blog entry about the VA tech tragedy. So I read her post she said something that really stuck with me. I can’t get it out of my head but I think it puts my feelings together about something completely off topic of the tragedy. What struck me in her blog it was this….

She wrote,”Here is where I can really envy white people because when white people do something that is inexplicably awful, so brutally and horribly wrong, nobody says – “do you think it is because he is white?” There are no headlines calling him the “White shooter.” There is no mention of race because there is no thought in anyone’s mind that his race had anything to do with his crime. ”

Hello Nail…this is the Hammer….WHACK! That is what is bothering me about all the coverage. Just a few short weeks ago every news channel was talking about Don Imus and that debacle and how horrible it all was. Everyone was up in arms. “We can’t call these accomplished young women HO’s” Oh the horror. ” We are too advance, we as civilized people DON’T fall into racial sterotypes, we are EVOLVED” ….really? why is everyone referencing this shooter by his race (ex. korean american shooter) You know it’s the quiet little underbelly racism that is ‘okay’ is ‘acceptable’ is well, just is….Do they do the same thing for everyone? I’m watching the news channels right now, it seems that would be a big ass NO. So why is everyone doing it? Quite frankly I’d rather be called a “nappy head ho” cause at least then I know where you stand.

3 Responses to “It’s MY blog dammit…”

  1. antim said

    Now, Ally dear, I told you I’d comment, and since you’ve called out the world on it, here I am.

    For one, I generally don’t agree with Margaret Cho’s assessment of the use of racial labels in criminal reporting. It’s a common reaction from people sensitive to racism (or any kind of ism). But I don’t think it’s accurate.

    Particularly with the climate of political correctness, “African American gunman” (or white or Latino or Asian or…) is only referred to in the media when the suspect is still at large and they are asking the public’s help to find him. Under those conditions, they also say, “the suspect is a white male…” I see no problem with this.

    When it goes from a plea for help to a news story (i.e. — at trial, at arrest) no mention is made of race. The criminal is referred to by his name and crime.

    (Please note I use “him” and “he” because I am something of a purist and still believe the generic undiferentiated pronoun for human is he/him. Women do shit too. Since we’re treading lightly, I mean.)

    I also never heard the shooter in the Va Tech rampage referred to by race until after the massacre was over and the news media were reporting on his life. I never heard “Korean American shooter.” I heard his race because he was born in Korea and immigrated relatively recently and that is part of the human interest side of the story, the side presented to make us feel we could ever get a grasp on *why* this happened.

    The media did the same thing with Columbine. Suburban white kids don’t get a free pass because they’re suburban white kids. When Columbine hit the fan, MUCH was made about the lily white status of the gunboys. We white folks were all acutely aware that it was considered somehow worse that comfortable white boys should harbor homicidal angst than if they had been black and had a racially-driven “reason.”

    In general, the questions of racism bother me.

    It certainly bothers me that some people still think there’s a difference in the quality of a human because of the colour of his skin or the way he prefers to worship his gods or an accent.

    And it really bothers me that so many people continue to believe that any group of people has it better just because they’re part of that group. Fat people think think people got nothin’ to complain about. Poor people thing rich people got nothin’ to complain about. Brown people think white people got nothin’ to complain about. Think about how narrow-minded that is all the way ’round. We all have way more going on than our pant size, our bank account or our melanin production.

    It bothers me TON that I’m disliked or at least discounted (“it’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand”) instantly by people of colour simply because I’m white. If you don’t give me a chance, how do you know I wouldn’t understand?

    I was born white by same vagaries of the universe that you were born black. I can’t help being white. I don’t think it makes me anything special (quite the opposite, but that’s another conversation for another time). I don’t discriminate based on race, religion, origin or orientation. I sympathise with anyone who has been discriminated against for any reason.

    Here’s the question to people of colour (and I ask sincerely): What do you want me to do? Personally? I just bumble along my merry way, lovin’ and hatin’ on a purely individual basis, but maybe it’s not enough. This is one of those times when you have to offer solutions or you’re just part of the problem.

    Trust me, I’d welcome a dialogue on solutions. Most (at least many) of us — black, white or otherwise — don’t really want to be in this position, reviled for the colour of our skin. We’d rather do something about it and get along with the business of getting along.

  2. Allison Sim said

    oh my god! I’m JUST leaving the house…I can’t just scan this and comment! I need TIME! I’ll be back…….

  3. antim said

    You had to get a comment from someone who talks too much.

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