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Why all Mom’s go to Heaven!

Posted by Allison on April 9, 2007

The cutest contest put on by All Moms Go To Heaven !!!!
Go here Crazy Hip Mama’s!

10. Mom’s can instantly gauge whether it’s too cold outside without opening the door and tell kids what they have to wear a sweater.

9. Mom’s will stay up until 2:00 am waiting for a wayward teenager, plotting their demise, then upon seeing them have an instant flashback to their little tiny baby toes and cute baby giggle the minute they see them arrive home safely and hug them with relief instead of knocking them on the head as planned at 1:59am.

8. Mom’s will drive their little ones to school, get there, realize they’ve forgotten their lunch and drive all the way home to make them something so they don’t go hungry.

7. Mom’s will take off a day from work to go on a fieldtrip to the museum with a class of grade 2’s AND ride the bus.

6. Mom’s will stay up late to bake the entire class cupcakes after being told at bedtime that tomorrow is “snack day”

5. Mom’s will sit outside in the freezing cold to watch kids soccer when the kids are 5 and have no idea what way to kick the ball.

4. Mom’s will listen to the ins and outs of a video game for the one millionth time and seem interested.

3. Mom’s will watch Blues Clues, Barney AND Bob the Builder over and over and over and over again.

2. Mom’s will refrain from detailing the size, circumference of head and length of labour ever birthday before handing out presents (okay maybe I don’t quite refrain)

and the number 1. Only a Mom will wipe snot off the face of a kid with her skirt without thinking twice about whether or not the skirt “dryclean only’

One Response to “Why all Mom’s go to Heaven!”

  1. Sharon said

    Very cute (and true) list! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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