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Posted by Allison on March 23, 2007

Do you ever read another blog and think, HOLY CRAP…..and then that’s followed by either 1. that bitch is FUNNY or 2. If she didn’t knit I would stab her with a fork…..well today I’ve been reading the blogs off of the SP10 participants list. I’ve been laughing my ass off for the last hour reading a blog of someone I’ve never met and who may be me, if I was, you know, 40 (which I’m NOT for like 2 more very long years!!!!), single (which I’m not for like how ever many years it take dh to keel over and leave me a rich, sad woman), white (which I’m not except for the part of me that listens to Patsy Cline in the car) and living in Denver with a cat. Thank God she’s only been blogging a short time cause I don’t have the kind of time to read like 3 years of her humor….

My God, I cannot pull myself away from her blog….damn I just love a gal who actually has a category called ‘sex toys’ on her knitting blog.

3 Responses to “Damn.”

  1. randomsugarwords said


  2. Marin said

    OMG, Allison! I finally wandered over here and there you are, LINKING me! I feel about ten feet tall.

    I have to go start your blog from the beginning, but before I do, I’m dying to know how you like your Options. I’ve been lusting after the Options for ages and I don’t know anyone else besides you [1) like I *know* you and 2) lucky girl!] who has them.

  3. kma said

    There you are! Glad you’re settled in and back to writing!

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