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My husband is an ass.

Posted by Allison on March 6, 2007

No wait, hear me out. I love my husband, really I do. He’s thoughtful and kind, a terrific father, and handy around the house. When I said, ‘i don’t see the reason to birth in a hospital’ he said, ‘sure sign me up’, When I wanted a new house he said “sure!” without even batting an eye. When we moved in less than a month from that point, he said ‘no problem’ and got to packin’. When I say “i’m going to the yarn store he just smiles and says ‘no don’t take the kids, leave em here’ For the most part he is a very wonderful man.

And then today.

I said, hey, I would love some of those new Options interchangeable needles from Knit Picks he said, now get this……’sure’ and gave me his credit card info. Geez, I guess he IS an enabler….codependant as it were. There is no way I can fight my knitting addiction with his “generous” ass sharing my life. Unless I can convince him that there is a 12 step program out there for him too…..

2 Responses to “My husband is an ass.”

  1. Marianne said

    I’ve just got to say…sounds like you have one mighty fine ass!
    (I couldn’t help myself on that one)
    I just popped over from the Harlot’s site, read your comment and for some odd reason felt compelled to stop by. Dudette, you live way up there where it’s COLD!
    Congratulations on your new house!
    I like your blog and I’ll be back.

  2. Shannon said

    I’ll lend you mine–he stopped enabling me after he unpacked the knitting books when we moved!!

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