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Life lesson number 578!

Posted by Allison on January 25, 2007

Well to say that I’m not in a happy place would be the understatement of the century. I have been screwed. Not like “oh gee let’s hurt allison a little” but a bend this bitch over the table type of screwed. And funny enough, I should have known better. For the last 11 years I have maintained a friendship that no one in my inner circle could understand. None of my friends would attend things if this individual was there…I continued the friendship. When she went against everything I believe in and constantly went after married men, I continued the friendship….When she was mean and spiteful to me…I continued the friendship…..When I was the only person giving in the relationship…I continued the friendship. When it became apparently that the only reason she is friends with me is because she likes to say negative things about me…fine whatever. Well I’m done. I’ve often heard people say “oh they’re dead to me” and joke and laugh about it, but I now understand. I will never again have any type of contact with this person. And the best part is, she wouldn’t even understand and she probably won’t notice. It’s not about what she did, it’s about how she did it. I suppose that if she couldn’t find a way to break a trust in a relationship then she wouldn’t feel “better than” everyone around her.
Funny, when I discussed it with my true friends, not one of them was surprised by her actions.

Life lesson, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

One Response to “Life lesson number 578!”

  1. randomsugarwords said

    Better late than never sweetie. just think of all the energy you can put into knitting now !! i love ya.

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