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Well this is weird….

Posted by Allison on January 24, 2007

I’m having a heck of time blogging lately. I can’t sign in. I’m sure your all devasted by my inability to post my witty little knitting nuggets. All my life I wanted to write in a journal. Finally at this late time in my life ( I do believe that I’m now 90 from the way my knee cracked the last time I stood up from the computer) I’ve finally got this blog and now it won’t let me post. I use this blog to talk about all things knitting, but I also use it to get my daily musings out.. Funny how when I was 16 and my mother read my diary I thought I would die and now I’m stressed because my daily thoughts aren’t being read by the 2 people who find the time to laugh behind my back at my bad grammar and ridiculous knitting mistakes might miss a week or two.

Fear not, my public, I think I have found a back door that will let me sign in…you shall not be without me for long!

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