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My huddled masses….

Posted by Allison on January 16, 2007

Now I’m not saying that my little blog is the most popular thing going…but I do think I have quite a few people reading along and snickering behind my back. So all you knitters out there take note. There is a new knitting shop opening soon. The owner is a fellow blogger and a pretty cool lady to boot. She was one of the first people that started reading my blog and so for her obvious good taste I want to recommend her new little LYS! She’s just getting started and I’m sure is under a mountain of yarn right now. Here is a link to her blog “A V i l l a g e K n i t i o t” and here is the website that I’m sure will be up and running in no time (if I know her) “Imagiknit of Gaylord”
The shop is in Gaylord Michigan, which I don’t really have a clue where that is, but I do know it’s right off the I75.

I’ve discovered that it would take me 31 hours to drive to see the shop….but maybe some of you are closer…

2 Responses to “My huddled masses….”

  1. randomsugarwords said

    I’ll snicker in front of your back. Gaylord is only about 3 hours north of me here. bwhahahaha. when I go I will take pictures for you Allie.

  2. KNITWHIT said

    OHMYGAWD Ally, that is so SWEET of you!!! What a hoot. And Jezus Jenni, I didn’t think you were THAT far from me. (Did I ever tell you I’m geographically challenged?) LOLOL! Well, thanks for the plug.


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