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I’m Bringing Sexy Back….

Posted by Allison on December 7, 2006

What could be more sexy than me, knitting a Christmas sock in public. Today at the hospital while waiting to see the surgeon I was knitting a sock. I had a bunch of people start asking me the normal ‘wow, what is it’ and ‘those needles are so small’ stuff and then someone Flirted with ME! Now I’m not sure if it was because he was overcome with my alarming good looks or just knows the benefit of the hand knit sock but I couldn’t get him to shut up! He was all ‘my dear wife used to knit socks’ and ‘she’s gone now but that knitting sure brings back memories’….oh, did i forget to mention that the gentleman was about 87 years old…..Admittedly, the old duck probably doesn’t get out much and I did choose the seat next to him but he TOTALLY wanted me, the old hound dog. I didn’t flirt back too much but i must admit there was a large part of me that was trying to think of a tactful way to ask if he still had the old birds knitting stash.

2 Responses to “I’m Bringing Sexy Back….”

  1. Dipsy Doodle said

    LOL 😉 You fooled me big time now – I was about to grab my sock knitting and head on out into the public, I’m *so* in need of a little flirt – but then again, I’m afraid 87 would be a tad too old for me too 😉 But ain’t it great what sort of comments you can receive with knitting in public? Just the fact that people actually *see* what you’re doing – they hardly ever see the street in front of them, let alone anything that someone else does – but knitting obviously does the trick! Amazing! 😉
    Thanks so much for your comment by the way – what? You got to see an Oilers-game? Live, in the arena? Oh my gosh, I’d sell my soul for getting that chance! And the Oilers won? Hallelujah! 😉

    Dipsy D.

  2. knitwhit said

    Loving the socks. I can honestly say I have yet to finish two correctly. But that yarn around my neck IS for a pair of socks. Some day. You’ve re-inspired me to consider to begin to think about maybe wanting to reconsider mulling over the idea of eventually making some.


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