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Posted by Allison on November 29, 2006

No I’m not a little cold. I’m down right FREEZING. The temperature for a few days is not bad but come on! It’s been a week now of ridiculously low temps. How low you ask? MINUS 28 CELSIUS but with the windchill it FEELS LIKE MINUS 36….what’s that my little american friends MINUS 17 but with the windchill it FEELS LIKE MINUS 28. One of my girls actually asked me this morning if she could wear a dress to school. I said absolutely a sundress and flip flops and while you’re at it don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen. She rolled her eyes and went back up to her room and put on her winter clothes. At least I’m keeping my sense of humor even though the kids haven’t been outside to play in over a week. How many games of checkers can YOU play before sticking a rusty fork in your eye becomes an appealing alternative?

I think my left nipple fell off today.

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