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Ring Those Phones

Posted by Allison on November 23, 2006

So I grew up in Saskatchewan. Every year we had the Telemiracle Network annual telethon. For two days Canada’s famous people would parade on stage along side the ‘talent’ from around the province. There would be Alan Thicke and that ex wife of his named Gloria something and “Joanie” the clarinet player from Kindersly. It is a Saskatchewan institution. One staple of the program was Bob from Sesame Street….he’d come every year. Some years ‘talent’ was stretching the term a little thin. But every year we would watch….granted we had no cable and it was the only thing on for TWO days, but we would watch. And every so often the talent on stage would start the chant “Ring those phones, ring those phones” until every person in the phone bank had a call with a pledge. “Granny Yakimchuck” from Yorkton would phone in and pledge 5 bucks and somehow every year the total would get higher and higher.

How this is anything but an amusing look back into life in Saskatchewan you ask. I’m waiting for a telephone call. I really hope to get this particular telephone call. And when I’m waiting for a telephone call ever since I was a little girl I repeat over and over in my head….’ring those phones, ring those phones’. I’ve been chanting it a lot over the last 4 days.

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