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Batteries and Toilet paper

Posted by Allison on November 16, 2006

So today I decided to run out and get some batteries so I could finally post some pictures of my beautiful bodice. I went to Costco because a. batteries are cheap there and b. I have no kids and I could look around and buy Christmas gifts…..I really needed toilet paper as the little dance and waddle around the basement bathroom this morning can attest to, so off to Costco I went. I spent a little money but since there’s no yarn at Costco the damage wasn’t too great. I then braved the mean streets of Edmonton and unloaded the wares. I hid the adorable Singer kids sewing machine that I bought for one of my girls and ate sushi for lunch. Good day right? I even did some work! Then I layed out my beautiful bodice for several pictures. A close up of the lace pattern and just the right lighting…..then I ran downstairs (well not so much run as stub my toe, swear, and hop down the stairs) so I could upload the pics. This would be when I discover that the cord for the camera is no longer hooked into the back of the computer. It’s gone. It’s completely disappeared. So no pics. Phouyeeee……

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