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Posted by Allison on October 28, 2006

You must understand. I REALLY REALLY meant what I blogged before…but immediately after I started bargaining with myself. So I’m down to 2 pairs of pajama pants and hemming and repairing a pair of Cait’s cords….and the second sock. I’ve cut and sewn both pairs, I’m now ironing the waist band and drawstrings and should be finished both pairs tonight. Then I dedicate the rest of tonight and tomorrow to finishing off the second sock and THEN I will start my Simple Knit Bodice. And I will NOT just “check gauge” as I was trying to convince myself earlier wasnt’ starting cause it is, you know it and I know it.

When I was in labour with Elijah I kept saying over and over I am sooooo strong. The midwife would repeat it to me over and over. I’ll just keep chanting it until I’m done and can start my dream….. knitting with the most gorgeous grey silk I have ever seen. Waiting can’t be anymore painful than a 7 lb baby with an abnormally big head, right?

Oh and the pile of needles in the picture is what the evil woman in my head made me buy the day I was out buying the silk for the bodice. Ignore that, I am soooo strong.

And it’ll be worth it to see the girls strutting around in their new pajama pants….I’d post their faces if I could but trust me when I say, they are beaming like CRAZY!

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