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Me + knitting = absolute idiot

Posted by Allison on October 27, 2006

So I have my Simple Knit Bodice, and I look at the pattern daily. And I stroke the yarn more than I’m willing to admit, but I haven’t started it. I will not start the bodice until I have FINISHED the other items to be sewn and knitted together. Oh the pain, Oh the dilemma, Oh the angst…..I’m going to cut and sew 4 pairs of pajama pants and finish off the second sock for Cait BEFORE I start the Simple Knit…..I’m hoping and praying for Sunday October 29th. That is the goal date. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am very good at reaching my goals. Take for instance the 30 pounds that I have left to lose. I have lost 20 pounds (yah me) and I’m dilegently working on the other 30 pounds. However, it may be easier to put back on the original 20 that I’ve lost and THEN lose 30… I’m inching my way back up in hopes that the moving scale will motivate me back to exercise. SEE, that’s a plan, a goal that is attainable and I’m reaching for it with all my might. In this same manner of thinking I’m sure by Sunday night I will be happily knitting away as I sit on the couch watching Studio 60! Right? You all agree, right?

One Response to “Me + knitting = absolute idiot”

  1. Michele [iSmile ;D] said

    You go, girl!

    “Go” for losing 20 pounds, “Go” for sewing ANYTHING, “Go” for being so ambitious! I’m impressed…

    Now, go get your stuff done and get to the knitting!Later!

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