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I’m not busy enough…

Posted by Allison on October 22, 2006

CLEARLY that must be it….otherwise why did I find myself at the fabric store buying flannel? What the hell is wrong with me? Okay, let’s suppose I’m NOT insane (shut up Rox) and that I just really want to make the kids homemade pj’s this christmas…..then I’m not insane, I’m in fact very sane because I’m starting EARLY……..and the fact that I have 987,253 unfinished other projects should not deter me from starting new ones with vigor. The truth is, I’m just not busy enough….and when I’m weeping in the fetal position under the dining room table Christmas morning at 3:45 desperately trying to sew, knit and cook all at the same time….I will blame who is REALLY at fault. My mother.

One Response to “I’m not busy enough…”

  1. kristinma said

    I love you allie… You are insane!

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