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Postal Service Rant…

Posted by Allison on October 17, 2006

Now I’m not one to usually complain (shut up and quit laughing) but my mailperson is annoying. We don’t get mail everyday at my house cause if it’s raining, no mail, if it’s snowing, no mail, if it’s super hot, no mail. The old postal service about sleet and snow apparently don’t apply to my mailperson. Usually it doesn’t bother me cause I can wait a day or two for some bills but this week it’s driving me crazy. Guesses why anyone? Anyone? yes you in the back…….that’s right. I’m waiting for my SIMPLE KNIT BODICE pattern! I’m DYIN’ over here…..I just about cast on another project because of it. I can’t go days without yarn fondling! I’m going to end up at the LYS buying 500 bucks of sock yarn if this guy doesn’t get my damn pattern to me! That’s fine, I’ll survive……it’s not like it’s an addiction or anything.

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