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I want my Simple Knit Bodice!!!!

Posted by Allison on October 12, 2006

I suck. I suck bad. I just have to finish Cait’s sock and then I will reward myself with my simple knit bodice…..but I haven’t…and I can’t. I’ve been struck with second sock syndrome. I am doing anything to avoid finishing the second sock. For god’s sake, today I EXERCISED!!! Has it come to this? Soon I’ll be skinny and still not have finished the second sock…then I’ll have too much silk for my simple knit bodice…..did I mention I’ve already bought the silk?

One Response to “I want my Simple Knit Bodice!!!!”

  1. KNITWHIT said

    ohmigod. you got it bad. SSS. I know the feeling all too well. And yet I keep attempting the damned socks. I even bought the damned book, “Not Just Socks.” And some damned thicker sock yarn so I wasn’t casting on, like, 200 stitches with that stupid sock floss. Why do I feel so compelled to KNIT these damned things! (Not that I’ve even started yet; I just WANT to.)
    I can only wish you luck as you battle the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. I have no words of comfort for you.
    I’ll think of you on my KNITTING WEEKEND! wooHOOOOOO!

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