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Turned the heel!

Posted by Allison on July 31, 2006

Okay so I’ve turned the heel, finished the gusset and now I’m just decreasing the toe for the kitchner bind off! I cannot believe how EASY it all was…..oh, and I didn’t use a pattern. I didn’t want the stress of trying to be sure I got the pattern right so I just did K3, P2 for the leg and K2, P2 for the heel flap and the foot part is stocking stitch. I did do a little band of stocking stitch before I started the heel flap. Looks like this sock will fit Elijah! I purposely did the first pair in a neutral colour so if it fit the girls no biggie…..I’m so damn happy……Here’s what it looks like….

And here it is on Elijah’s foot!

I have S ‘n B tomorrow night so I’m going to be taking the second sock with me!

3 Responses to “Turned the heel!”

  1. Dipsy Doodle said

    Wow, this is fantastic – I really love the colors, and the fact that you didn’t work after a pattern but just went along is great! Are you becoming another sock-knitting-addict now? 😉

  2. randomsugarwords said

    Beautiful work. I can never get the kitchener stitch right for my socks.

  3. KNITWHIT said

    Show off.

    Just kidding! Man, they look GREAT! Almost makes me want to try again with some lovely yarn I bought last month. I ended up totally frogging the ones I had going because I (gulp) ran out of yarn three-quarters of the way done with number 2.

    I’m jinxed, I tell ya.


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