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House for Sale?

Posted by Allison on July 13, 2006

I DID it!

No, it’s not a joke, I PASSED my real estate agent provincial exam! In order to pass you must receive a 70% on the 3 hour exam. I received at 82% in just over 2 hours. The toughest 2 hours in I’ve spent in a LLLLLOOOOONNNNGGG time. But it’s over and now I can sell real estate. I cannot believe that after all these years of dreaming about it I can finally do it!

I’ve joined with a brokerage called Realty Executives Challenge and now all that is left to do is get officially licensed thru the province.

My knitting has totally suffered over the last few weeks but hopefully as the kids get back to school and Scott is back at work I’ll have more time on my hands. I think I’m working an open house is the perfect opportunity to get some socks knit up….small little project….perfect for the constant interruptions.

OH MY GOD! I completely forgot…this weekend was the Ewe Asked For It annual sale. Everything in the store was on sale. I think I put an eye out. All my stitch and bitch group was there with GARBAGE bags…it was hilarious. I showed amazing restraint. I should get a medal. I bought a respectable amount to add to my now cute little stash. I didn’t even have to pretend I bought less so that Scott didn’t kill me. Clearly I’m much more mature than most people think. Plus I was broke. Next year I’m going to budget for that one day……

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