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Life’s funny like that…

Posted by Allison on June 28, 2006

So a week ago, our family expanded.

Two little girls have joined us as foster daughters for the next half year. It’s crazy, it’s busy and it’s a blast.

I’ve been too busy to blog (but not to knit) but I hope you forgive my lack of wit as I’m running on too little sleep and all adrealine.

Funny story though, the other day I mentioned that I would have to make a bed skirt for one of the girls beds. She looked at me like I grew an extra head and said “YOU’RE GOING TO KNIT A BEDSKIRT?’ I just about spit out my supper, but smiled sweetly and said, ‘nah, i’ll just sew one’ I think she thinks she is quite clearly, at the weirdest house on the planet.

2 Responses to “Life’s funny like that…”

  1. KNITWHIT said

    Wow. Good for you! I can’t imagine doing something like that, though we did have an exchange student back in 2001 for quite awhile. Different, though, as they’re more self-sufficient (but still a pain in the proverbial ass as they’re teenagers). You’re getting blessings galore! Can you feel it? Nah. Probably lack of sleep, more like it.

    Lucky girls.

  2. kristinma said

    She IS in the weirdest house on the planet! But in a GOOD way ~ I hope
    the girls having a good time and that
    you’re feeling proud of your ability
    to open your house, open your heart!
    You have my greatest respect hon!

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