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Posted by Allison on June 18, 2006

Today I knit, worked in the garden for an hour or so (it’s a freakin’ mess) and played with Elijah. Scott went golfing and so far it’s been a very nice day. BUT. I don’t have a Daddy to call today. MY last father’s day was last year…..

Happy Father’s Day Daddy…..I miss you lots.

To make sure that my mood wasn’t too bleak there was a nice surprise last night!

The Oilers won!
The Oilers won!
The Oilers won!
The Oilers won!
The Oilers won!
The Oilers won!
The Oilers won!

AND I’m almost finished the little baby cardi that I’m making out of seed stitch. Since I’ve knit my way through every round of the playoffs, I’m going to have to be careful to have something on the needles for tomorrow night. Too bad game seven is in North Carolina……Everyone is in the spirit here in Edmonton and it’s the most excitement that’s been here in a long time. However, I did promise my self that I would make an expensive pair of socks if the Oilers won so I’d better go get some sock yarn just in case!

3 Responses to “GAME SEVEN = KNITTING!”

  1. Dipsy Doodle said

    Such a wonderful pic of your Dad! I can imagine so well how much you miss him – I’m sending you a big hug from over here, my friend!
    Mind you, if I wouldn’t have already booked my vacation, I’d be off Edmonton now – heaven knows I want to be there when the Oilers win tonight. When, not if! 🙂 And hey, we obviously had the same thought, when they win, I also swore to knit an extra sock pair – actually an Edmonton Oilers pair of socks, all complete with logo and team’s colors and such! So, go girl, let’t get some yarn today!

  2. Naptress said

    Thanks for stopping by…I’m digging your blog as well…as far as the raw diet is going i’m loving it..I feel soooo energetic…I will be posting pics of my raw food endeavors…I read that u birthed at home…that is definetly the way I would like to go someday(soon)..check out http://www.the

  3. randomsugarwords said

    They’re down by two, but they will come back and win this !! Have fun with the socks, I have like 5 single socks partially done. I just cant figure out the toe closure part. Love you.

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