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Why not posts you ask?

Posted by Allison on June 17, 2006

Okay even for me, this has been a long time between posts. Why you ask? Because the library sent me an email saying that the book I’ve been dying to read was ready for me. So I went and picked it up. It’s the Yarn Harlot by the bestest blogging in the land Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. If you haven’t read her blog you should because she is witty and charming, well I could just say she’s Canadian and that would cover witty and charming, we all are, it’s in the water. I have a link to her blog and she’s read by hundreds if not thousands a day and I hope to one day be in Toronto at a yarn store and have her walk in so I can hug her for the BELLY laughs that her book has given me over the last few days. I’ll admit though that I’m confused. Why would this Knitter of extraordinary talent, wit and charm, allow her book to be made in a way that doesn’t allow me to knit and read at the same time? It’s regular size. It should be coffee table book size with big writing so that I never have to choose. I’ve had the worst time trying to pick between her book and the ADORABLE little sweater I’m making for my neighbor who is due in September. (Digress……it’s steele grey and done completely in seed stitch and just the cutest little quick knit jobby that I’ve done in a long time!) So I’ve let the blogging go for a few days. Blame the Yarn Harlot. She looks sweet in the pictures but she clearly trying to drive me insane……

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