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Posted by Allison on June 3, 2006

I should buy a lotto ticket today I’m the luckiest son of a bitch EVER!

First I’m driving down the street and see a TWO year old unsupervised. I stopped immediately (how many twits drove by?????) and it turns out he had wondered away. I called the police and we all found mom and everybody is safe and sound.

And then….I went to the Goodwill store to drop off some items for donation and to see if I could find some wool for my next project. I’ve read a few places that it can be a good place for some cheap wool and knitting accessories.

I found some gorgeous mohair…..

and then just as I was about to leave I saw a needle carrier.

What the heck, cheap needles are always good. I picked it up without even looking inside. It was an entire set of bamboo needles!

and the best part….it was $9.99 for all the needles. With the mohair, a grand total of $19.97.

I must have a horseshoe up my butt today!

4 Responses to “YIPPEE!!!!!”

  1. KNITWHIT said

    You are one lucky knitta! I’ll be dropping by our local Goodwill on Monday!!!


  2. Dipsy Doodle said

    Gosh! Wow! Now, that’s one hell of a bargain you made! Such gorgeous yarn, and the needle carrier totally rocks – bamboo needles, now, how great is that?

  3. kristinma said

    Oh for the love of mike! 😉 You DO
    have a horseshoe somewhere lucky! LOL!
    Allie what great goodwill finds and
    more importantly, what a wonderful act
    of kindness and concern that you would
    stop for a little boy who’d escaped his
    yard! I’m glad that he was brought home
    safe and sound. I only hope his family
    can or will now ‘babyproof’ things so he
    can play safely without escape…


  4. Michele [iSmile ;D] said


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